Ukrainian troops are drawn to Kharkov, Russia will use all its strength to attack Chasov Yar

Ukrainian troops are drawn to Kharkov, Russia will use all its strength to attack Chasov Yar 0
Ukrainian troops are drawn to Kharkov, Russia will use all its strength to attack Chasov Yar 0

(Dan Tri) – Chasov Yar is still Russia’s main direction of attack on the Ukrainian battlefield.

The war in Ukraine becomes more and more fierce every day (Illustration: Skynews).

The Russian army is still attacking Chasov Yar

Moscow’s recent large-scale attack in the northern Kharkiv region has created significant changes, even considered breaking the deadlock on the battlefield, forcing the Ukrainian General Staff to urgently strengthen

This maneuver becomes important for Ukraine, as it not only weakens its defenses in other areas but also creates additional vulnerabilities that the enemy can exploit.

Late in the afternoon of May 13, the situation east of Chasov Yar worsened again.

In the published videos, Russian armored vehicles are conducting a raid on a defensive position in a multi-storey building.

Thick smoke and dust from the explosions prevented the Ukrainian side from using a series of FPV UAVs.

It appears that the pause in the attack on Chasov Yar has ended and the second phase of the Russian attack on the city has begun.

According to Ukrainian sources, Moscow forces have continued their attack on the Kanal sub-district from the east and are also breaking into the Novy sub-district.

A famous Ukrainian blogger said that Chasov Yar will not be able to hold off the enemy in the medium term, if Kiev forces cannot find resources to stabilize the front.

However, because Moscow forces were besieging the city of Volchansk in Kharkov, the Ukrainian General Staff had to mobilize forces in a `jerk and shoulder` style when withdrawing the elite brigades 46, 82 and 82.

But instead of adding units with combat experience, Kiev sent domestic defense units, not highly trained, to Chasov Yar.

A commander of the 79th Mykolayiv Brigade emphasized that General Syrsky’s mistake would cost Kiev dearly as the defending forces would not be able to hold Volchansk and Chasov Yar would lose.

To make matters worse, the most important defense line along the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal east of Chasov Yar was breached.

Some sources said that Moscow forces captured the outermost houses on Kovpaka street in the Novy subdivision, thus giving them complete control over the Stupki-Golubovskie-2 area.

According to Topwar, the latest battlefield information shows that Russia is expanding the control zone along the canal south of Chasov Yar, including the entire forest area and up to the road to the village of Krasnoye.

The fact that Russia has a solid bridgehead on the west bank of the Seversky Donets – Donbass canal is confirmed by Ukrainian soldiers fighting here.

`The night was terrible, up to 200 of our fighters left their fighting positions, despite orders from commanders to hold out until the last minute,` a Ukrainian soldier wrote in the Brigade’s conversation.

Soldiers fighting at Chasov Yar claim that they are being `deceived` by promises of quick rotation, that in the near future they will be replaced by units of the 11th Army.

However, this Corps has not yet been established, except that it exists on paper as part of Ukraine’s strategic reserve forces.

Ukrainian troops are drawn to Kharkov, Russia will use all its strength to attack Chasov Yar

War map of Ukraine at Chasov Yar on May 16.

Contradictory information about the situation on the front

Currently, information in Chasov Yar is divided into two opposing factions, some sources say that Kiev is resisting fiercely and has successfully pushed Moscow forces out of the city.

There is also contrary information, claiming that Moscow forces not only broke into the Novy and Kanal sub-districts, but are also continuing to develop offensive operations from Bogdanovka into Kalinovka, in the northwest of the city.

When assessing the situation in Chasov Yar, experts from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) also suffered from severe bipolarity.

As for the reality of the battlefield, the Russian `Diary of a paratrooper` page on the social network Telegram said, `at the western edge of Bogdanovka village, artillery and UAV battles between the two sides continue. We

Also according to this source, Russia here used TOS-1A Solntsepek thermobaric rockets to massively attack the enemy entrenched in the Kanal sub-area.

As for the Stupki – Golubovskie-2 plant reserve, there are forests here, but according to some information, Russia wiped out the enemy here.

Perhaps the most important events occurred further south, when Russia gained control of the highway running through Ivanovskoye – Chasov Yar.

This is an important route in ensuring logistics for Kiev forces stationed in Kleshchiivka – Andriivka.

According to ISW, Russia currently has about 25,000 soldiers gathered in Chasov Yar, but importantly, their air force and artillery firepower is many times superior to the enemy here.

According to analysts, Chasov Yar is still the main attack direction of the Russian Army on the current Ukrainian battlefield.

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