John McCain’s last `heartfelt` letter to the American people

John McCain's last `heartfelt` letter to the American people 0
John McCain's last `heartfelt` letter to the American people 0

(Dan Tri) – In his last letter before his death, Senator John McCain sent profound messages to the American people and expressed his belief in the great strength of America.

Senator John McCain (Photo: AFP)

Mr. Rick Davis, political strategist and longtime assistant of Senator John McCain, read the final letter sent to the American people on his behalf during a press conference held on the afternoon of August 27.

“To the American people I have had the honor to serve for 60 years, and especially to my fellow Arizonans.

In his final message before his death, Senator McCain said that although there were still some regrets in his 81-year life, he “would not trade a day of my life for

With emotional words, Senator McCain sent thanks to his family, country and even his voters at home.

“We are citizens of the greatest republic in the world, a nation of ideals, not just soil and blood.

Senator John McCain’s life of serving America

Message to President Trump?

John McCain's last `heartfelt` letter to the American people

Rick Davis, spokesman for Senator McCain’s family, became emotional when reading Mr. McCain’s last letter to the American people.

According to CBS, in his final message, Senator John McCain seemed to allude to President Trump’s plan to build a wall on the US-Mexico border as well as the US leader’s immigration policies.

“We weaken (America’s) greatness when we equate patriotism with racial hostility that spreads resentment, hatred and violence to all

“We are 325 million loud, opinionated people.

At the end of the letter, the Arizona Senator recalled his speech admitting his defeat to former President Barack Obama in the 2008 race for the White House.

“Ten years ago, I had the privilege of admitting defeat in the presidential election.

“Do not despair over the difficulties we are facing, but believe in the commitment and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable.


According to CBS

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