Expert: Hamas used cheap weapons to trigger attacks on Israel

Expert: Hamas used cheap weapons to trigger attacks on Israel 0
Expert: Hamas used cheap weapons to trigger attacks on Israel 0

(Dan Tri) – Experts commented on the simple, cheap weapon that Hamas forces used to trigger a surprise attack on Israel over the weekend.

Image of Hamas’s UAV dropping grenades on Israeli targets in the attack on October 7 (Photo: Forbes).

According to Business Insider, on October 7, Hamas used a fleet of rudimentary UAVs to trigger a large-scale attack on Israeli targets.

According to drone expert James Patton Rogers at Cornell University (USA), Hamas’s cheap UAVs are a key tactical weapon for this force to attack Israel.

Private drone intelligence organization DroneSec (Australia) said that there are two main types of UAVs used by Hamas, including first-person UAVs (FPVs) equipped with explosives and fixed-wing UAVs with mission

DroneSec said that these UAVs were deployed to help Hamas cross the boundary fence in the Gaza Strip smoothly.

Expert Rogers said: `Hamas seems to have accurately identified the locations where Israel placed Israel’s watchtowers, security towers, guard posts, communication towers, and security cameras with facial recognition features. Then, the UAVs

According to him, this move caused initial chaos on the Israeli side, causing Hamas ground forces to quickly advance through the boundary fence.

In addition, Hamas’s UAVs also proactively attack Israel’s heavy weapons, such as Merkava-4 tanks, reducing the enemy’s military capacity to attack more effectively.

On the other hand, Hamas also deployed the homemade UAV Zouari.

Israel has an advanced defense system, including the Iron Dome shield, but at that time these complexes were `stretched` to deal with 5,000 rockets from Hamas.

In addition, because UAVs fly at low altitude, they also become a challenge to air defense shields.

In the war using UAVs, even a force with weaker military potential like Hamas can take advantage of opportunities and reasonable tactics to make the opponent fall into an unexpected situation and not have time to react.

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