How billionaire Donald Trump sends campaign fundraising messages

How billionaire Donald Trump sends campaign fundraising messages 0
How billionaire Donald Trump sends campaign fundraising messages 0

(Dan Tri) – `Bombing` supporters with text messages and emails, threatening to revoke party membership, and calling supporters traitors if they do not contribute money is how many Republican groups raise funds.

Former President Donald Trump once directed his team to slow down sending emails and text messages to supporters to urge them to contribute money.

A few years after billionaire Donald Trump lost the presidency to Democratic rival Joe Biden, the businessman sent so many emails and text messages to raise money that Republican consultants warned against taking action.

The former president’s friends once complained to him that they received too many fundraising emails and text messages, too often.

The level of monetary contributions is reduced

Now, as Mr. Trump prepares to rematch President Biden in the race for the White House, his fundraising activities from small donors (those donating $200 or less) are not as effective as before.

In 2020, Mr. Trump and his fundraising committee raised a record $626.6 million from small donors, 35% higher than Mr. Biden’s team.

Yet last year, Mr. Trump only received $51 million from small donors, a sharp decrease from $119 million in 2019 and just over 18% of the amount of money Mr. Biden received from small donors.

The amount of money that small donors support the Republican National Committee in 2023 is also lower than in 2019. That situation contributes to budget problems for the party.

Mr. Trump’s advisory team says that after a period of slowdown, they are now bringing in $1 million a day from online fundraising activities.

Democrats and their allies also send a lot of emails to supporters to raise money, but donations from small donors to them have decreased in recent years, according to data from

The underlying cause

Many people in billionaire Donald Trump’s campaign team, Republican fundraising committees and private businesses discussed with the Washington Post the decline in donations from voters.

`The biggest problem with Republican fundraising is that we don’t treat donors well. Sending 8 emails and text messages a day, threatening to revoke party membership, or calling donors

Businesses participating in fundraising for the Republican Party have recommended that the party lower expectations for contributions from supporters.

During the 2020 election campaign, Mr. Trump’s advisory team saw money from small donors continuously `flowing` in in real time.

Mr. Trump’s success in 2020 inspired many candidates to follow his example.

`Former President Donald Trump is the most successful online fundraiser in Republican history,` said Zac Moffatt, CEO of Targeted Victory.

Mr. Trump’s team did not back down

In 2021, top Republican consultants in Washington, DC held many webinars to discuss the decline in donations from supporters.

The fundraising committee for the Republican senatorial candidates’ campaigns was disappointed with the results of donations in the midterm elections, so they stopped soliciting donations a few months before the election.

The Republican National Committee’s fundraising efforts for other candidates also fell short of their expectations.

In early 2023, the amount of money donated by Mr. Trump’s supporters decreased sharply.

`Too many people want to raise money from an individual donor,` commented Josh Moffatt, CEO of Targeted Victory.

`The best candidates invest effort and money into fundraising activities, and have their own group of donors,` Josh Moffatt said.

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