The impeachment investigation could be a `gift` for Mr. Biden

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The impeachment investigation could be a `gift` for Mr. Biden 0
The impeachment investigation could be a `gift` for Mr. Biden 0

(Dan Tri) – Mr. Biden’s Christmas gift list will definitely not have the item `impeachment investigation`, but it is likely that this will be a gift for the 46th US president’s re-election campaign.

President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden (Photo: AP).

Mr. Biden’s headache grew bigger after the US House of Representatives voted right before the holidays, unanimously opening an impeachment investigation into whether he profited from his son Hunter’s foreign business transactions.

`No president wants to be impeached,` Todd Belt, professor of politics at George Washington University, told AFP.

But `politically speaking, this really gives Joe Biden a gift,` Mr. Belt said.

Opportunity for Mr. Biden

Just a few minutes after the vote on December 13, the White House `very quickly switched to talking about the economy, as well as about the fact that this Congress has not done much but is obsessed with revenge to help

So far, the Republicans have not provided evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden.

But Republicans in the House of Representatives are still promoting the impeachment investigation because they know this will be a `springboard` to attack Mr. Biden, thereby helping to distract from the trials of Mr. Trump, who has twice

The impeachment investigation could be a `gift` for Mr. Biden

The impeachment investigation targeting Mr. Biden can help him consolidate voter support and increase calls for donations (Photo: Bloomberg).

Mr. Trump is leading Mr. Biden in recent polls.

In some ways, Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump’s cases seem to have become mirror images of each other.

While Mr. Trump dismissed the criminal charges as a `witch hunt` and sold prints of his image, Mr. Biden’s campaign considered the impeachment investigation a `political drama with bad people`,

The American press reported that this was the most effective email of the week by Mr. Biden’s campaign.

Mr. Biden’s counterattack strategy is very clear: Claim it is a political play, blame the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for obstructing his agenda, and even use it as an excuse to raise funds for the campaign.

Mr. Biden rejected Republican accusations that he profited from his son’s business transactions in Ukraine and China, calling them `lies` and `gratuitous political performances.`

But by 2024, Mr. Biden will likely ignore the charges and delve deeper into chaos in the House of Representatives, which blocked aid to Ukraine and could cause the federal government to shut down again, he said.

`If this continues throughout the election cycle, President Biden can just point to Capitol Hill and say, ‘Look what those people are doing,’` Mr. Belt said.

The impeachment investigation could be a `gift` for Mr. Biden

Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, held a press conference criticizing the Republican Party (Photo: AP).

There are still unpredictable risks

Meanwhile, Mr. Biden’s son, Hunter, has recently used a new, more confrontational strategy after many years of silence.

The 53-year-old man, who is facing gun and tax evasion charges, held a rare press conference on December 14 to criticize the Republican Party.

But US news agency Axios said Mr Hunter’s strategy had in fact `caused tension` with the White House, which took a safer approach.

In American history, presidential impeachments – for Andrew Jackson in 1868, Bill Clinton in 1998, Donald Trump in 2019 and 2021 – have failed to remove the White House boss.

However, this process is not without political risks.

Mr. Belt said that every time the White House wants to use executive privilege to keep evidence and documents secret, it can be a source of `ammunition` for Republicans to claim that Mr. Biden has something to hide.

In reality, life always has the possibility of the unexpected happening.

`Sometimes things can be discovered during the investigation. No one knows, right?`, Mr. Belt said.

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