Ukraine is worried that Russia will `raise east and strike west` when it attacks Kharkov

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Ukraine is worried that Russia will `raise east and strike west` when it attacks Kharkov 0
Ukraine is worried that Russia will `raise east and strike west` when it attacks Kharkov 0

(Dan Tri) – Ukrainian military officials are concerned that Russia may increase its attack on Kharkov with the goal of pulling Kiev forces away from the Donbass hot spot.

Ukraine is concerned that Russia is trying to stretch Kiev’s forces in the East by increasing attacks on Kharkov (Photo: Reuters).

Nazar Voloshyn, spokesman for Ukraine’s Khortytsia forces group, commented on May 10 that Russia’s intensification of its attack on Kharkov appears to be part of a psychological campaign to pull Ukrainian forces out of the areas.

Mr. Voloshyn said that instead of conducting a real offensive campaign in northern Kharkiv province, Russia may be trying to stretch Ukraine’s forces and force Kiev to withdraw troops and resources from Donetsk, where the fighting took place.

Early on the morning of May 10, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that Russian forces had launched a breakthrough attack in Kharkov province.

`Ukraine’s defense forces and military units have the situation under control,` Mr. Voloshyn said.

While Ukrainian media reported that Russia had captured four border villages and was trying to advance towards Vovchansk, officials said no territory in Kharkiv was currently lost.

Andrii Kovalenko, head of the anti-disinformation department at Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said the Russian operation resembled a simulation of a large-scale attack or reconnaissance.

Mr. Voloshyn warned that Russian forces were trying to break through in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts and that the attacks on Kharkov could be just a cover for this plan.

In recent times, taking advantage of Ukraine’s lack of ammunition and lack of soldiers, Russia launched massive attacks in the East and continuously broke Kiev’s defense lines in many areas.

Commenting on Russia’s efforts to raid Kharkov, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby did not rule out the possibility that Moscow was preparing for a larger attack on this border city.

Mr. Kirby said Washington `is working around the clock` to provide Ukraine with defense supplies and weapons.

US President Joe Biden on May 10 approved a military aid package worth $400 million to Kiev, including artillery shells, anti-aircraft missiles, armored vehicles and other ammunition.

`It’s certainly possible that the Russians are preparing for a larger attack on Kharkov,` Mr. Kirby said, saying that signs show that Russia appears to be preparing to use long-range firepower to raid the city.

Mr. Kirby also commented that Russia may make some progress in the coming weeks, but a breakthrough is unlikely because the flow of US aid will help Ukraine withstand attacks.

Ukraine is worried that Russia will `raise east and strike west` when it attacks Kharkov

Kharkov (Kharkiv) is the second largest city of Ukraine (Photo: Britannica).

Moscow has recently stepped up its attacks on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, using missiles, hover bombs and drones.

The Ukrainian General Staff said that defense efforts continue in Kharkov province.

Meanwhile, Oleksandr Pivnenko, commander of the Ukrainian National Guard, said that Russia `will take many years` if it wants to occupy Kharkov.

In March, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Syrskyi warned that any attempt by the Russian military to capture Kharkov would make the city `death ground` for Moscow forces.

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