The `Queen of Tears` fever shows no signs of cooling down

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The `Queen of Tears` fever shows no signs of cooling down 2
The `Queen of Tears` fever shows no signs of cooling down 2

(Dan Tri) – The attraction of `Queen of Tears` is increasingly evident.

Even though there is only 1% of viewer ratings left, Queen of Tears surpassed the movie Crash Landing on You, becoming tvN’s most viewed movie.

However, the Queen of Tears has achieved remarkable achievements.

A scene from the movie `Queen of Tears` (Photo: tvN).

Sports Chosun website commented that the Queen of Tears’ achievements are `very crazy`.

According to Good Data, in the 2nd week of April, Queen of Tears reached a market share of 64% in terms of topicality on TV channels and online viewing platforms in Korea.

The film’s cast also occupies more than half of the positions in the top 10 most popular actors in Korea.

A member of tvN shared about the achievements of The Queen of Tears: `We are extremely grateful to the audiences who love tvN’s dramas. We will continue to introduce works that have our own unique identity.

Queen of Tears revolves around the love story of two characters including the third-generation heiress of Queens Group Hong Hae In (played by Kim Ji Won) and the son of a local grocery store owner Baek Hyun.

Queen of Tears was written by screenwriter Park Ji Eun, who had success with previous hit series such as Crash Landing on You, The Productions.

With attractive content, beautiful, romantic scenes and a quality cast, Queen of Tears is considered the hottest Korean drama in 2024.

Queen of TearsĀ is also considered a new turning point in the acting career of male lead Kim Soo Hyun, showing off his new cinematic face.

In the last two episodes, Kim Soo Hyun’s ability to transform into two completely different roles made viewers admire and receive many compliments.

The highlight of Kim Soo Hyun’s acting is the scene where Hong Hae In loses temporary memory and mistakenly sees Yoon Eun Seong as Baek Hyun Woo.

Trailer introducing the movie `Queen of Tears` (Video: Netflix).

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